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RSLogix 5000 Motion Programming Using Ladder Logic

Course Code: ARE1051
Duration: 3 Days

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Course Purpose:

This course is intended to provide plant personnel with the skills to configure and program Logix5000 applications specifically for integrated motion control functionality using ladder logic, including both SERCOS and analog motion control technologies.

Building upon the skills gained in the Developing a Logix5000 Project Using RSLogix 5000 Software course, students will learn how to apply the Logix5000 architecture to a multi-axis motion control system while developing programming skills that incorporate other components in a Logix5000 system, such as adding system modules, sharing tasks between multiple controllers, programming ladder logic, and using digital I/O.

Because all Logix5000 products share common features and a common operating system, students will be able to apply the configuring and programming motion control skills they learn in this course to any of the Logix5000 controllers that are capable of motion control.

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who need to configure and program Logix5000 motion control systems should attend this course. In addition, only students who are already familiar with Logix5000 systems and general motion control should attend this course.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:
Topical Outline:

Day 1
  • Overview
  • Configuring a Logix5000 System for Motion Control Applications
  • Configuring SERCOS Servo Axes
  • Configuring Analog Servo Axes
Day 2
  • Configuring Analog Servo Axes (cont.)
  • Testing and Tuning Axes
  • Programming Basic Motion Routines
Day 3
  • Programming Basic Motion Routines (cont.)
  • Programming a Fault Routine
  • Programming an Electronic Gearing Routine
  • Programming a Virtual Axis